An adaptation of Adam Eshein’s ( MATLAB code for converting PWS RMS measurements to D. The MATLAB code was based on Vadim-Backman’s ( original code in Mathematica.


L. Cherkezyan, D. Zhang, H. Subramanian, I. Capoglu, A. Taflove, V. Backman, “Review of interferometric spectroscopy of scattered light for the quantification of subdiffractional structure of biomaterials.” J. of Biomedical Optics, 22(3), 030901 (2017).

Primary Functions

sigma2D(raw_rms, noise, NAi)

Converts d_size to D precisely.

sigma2DApproximation(raw_rms, noise, NAi)

Converts d_size to D using a 15th degree polynomial approximation of the sigma2D function.

Secondary Functions

These functions are called by the primary functions and probably don’t need to be used directly.


This is a custom implementation of the generalized exponential exponential integral.

acf(d, lmin, lmax, x)

This function is based on the acf_1 MATLAB function.

acfd(d, lmin, lmax)

This function is based on the acfd MATLAB function.

calcDSize(raw_rms, noise, NAi)

The system_correction argument from the original MATLAB function has been excluded.