Multi-layer Reflectance Engine (pwspy.utility.reflectance.multilayerReflectanceEngine)

Using the wave transfer matrix formalism from chapter 7 of Saleh and Teich Fundamentals of Photonics, this script calculates the reflectance of a multilayer dielectric.

m is the final transfer matrix. It should be made by multiplying the matrices representing each element of the system. If the transmitted light is considered to be propagating from left to right then the matrices should be in multiplied in reverse, from right to left.



An enumeration of the possible polarization types.

Layer(mat, d[, name])

This represents a layer with a thickness and an index of refraction.

Stack(wavelengths[, elements])

Represents a stack of 1d homogenous films.

NonPolarizedStack(wavelengths[, elements])

Represents a stack of 1d homogenous films.