A collection of functions dedicated to the purpose of generating Extra Reflectance calibrations from images of materials with known reflectances (e.g. air/glass interface, water/glass interface.) These functions are relied on heavily in the pwspy.apps.ERCreator app.


getTheoreticalReflectances(materials, …)

Generate a dictionary containing a pandas series of the material-glass reflectance for each material in materials.

generateMaterialCombos(materials[, …])

Given a list of materials, this function returns a list of all possible material combo tuples.

getAllCubeCombos(matCombos, df)

Given a list of material combo tuples, return a dictionary whose keys are the material combo tuples and whose values are lists of CubeCombos.

plotExtraReflection(df, theoryR, matCombos, …)

Generate a variety of plots displaying information about the extra reflectance calculation.

generateRExtraCubes(allCombos, theoryR, …)

Generate a series of extra reflectance cubes based on the input data.