class pwspy.analysis.dynamics.DynamicsAnalysis(settings, extraReflectance, ref)[source]

Bases: pwspy.analysis._abstract.AbstractAnalysis

This class performs the analysis of RMS_t_squared and D (diffusion). It is based on a set of MATLAB scripts written by Scott Gladstein. The original scripts can be found in the _oldMatlab subpackage.


“Multimodal interferometric imaging of nanoscale structure and macromolecular motion uncovers UV induced cellular paroxysm”

  • settings (DynamicsAnalysisSettings) – The settings use for the analysis

  • extraReflectance (Union[ERMetaData, ExtraReflectanceCube, None]) – the metadata object referring to a calibration file for extra reflectance. You can optionally proide the ExtraReflectanceCube rather than just the metadata object referring to it.

  • ref (DynCube) – A reference acquisition to use for normalization.


When running the run method in parallel memory for the object used must be copied to each new process. We can avoid that and save a lot of Ram by moving data that is shared between processes to shared memory. If you don’t want to implement this then just override it and raise NotImplementedError


Given an data cube to analyze this function returns an instanse of AnalysisResults. In the PWSAnalysisApp this function is run in parallel by the AnalysisManager.


cube (DynCube) – A data cube to be analyzed using the settings provided in the constructor of this class.

Return type

Tuple[DynamicsAnalysisResults, List[AnalysisWarning]]


A new instance of analysis results.