pwspy.utility.reflection.reflectanceHelper.getReflectance(mat1, mat2, wavelengths=None, NA=0)[source]

Given the names of two interfaces this provides the reflectance in units of percent. If given a series as wavelengths the data will be interpolated and reindexed to match the wavelengths.

  • mat1 (Material) – The first material comprising the reflective interface.

  • mat2 (Material) – The second material comprising the reflective interface.

  • wavelengths (Union[ndarray, List, Tuple, None]) – The wavelengths to calculate the reflectance at.

  • NA (float) – The numerical aperture of the system. Reflectance will be calculated by radially integrating results over the range of angles present within the numerical aperture. If left as None the result is calculated for light with a 0 degree angle of incidence.

Return type



The percentage reflectance. The index of the pandas Series is the wavelengths.