pwspy.utility.reflection.extraReflectance.plotExtraReflection(df, theoryR, matCombos, numericalAperture, mask=None, plotReflectionImages=False)[source]

Generate a variety of plots displaying information about the extra reflectance calculation.

  • df (DataFrame) – A pandas dataframe containging a row for each ImCube that is to be included in the calculation. The dataframe should have the following columns: ‘cube’: The ImCube object in question, should be an image of a glass-{material} interface. material: The Material that the ImCube is an image of. setting: A string describing the imaging configuration. If the dataframe has multiple settings then each settings will be processed separately and compared.

  • theoryR (Dict[Material, Series]) – A dictionary where the key is a Material and the value is a pandas series giving the reflectance for a glass-{material} reflection over a range of wavelengths. The index of the series should be the wavelengths.

  • matCombos (List[Tuple[Material, Material]]) – A list of the various material combinations that should be evaluated.

  • numericalAperture (float) – The numerical aperture that the ImCubes being used were imaged at.

  • mask (Optional[Roi]) – An ROI indicating the region of the images that should be included in the evaluation.

  • plotReflectionImages (bool) – An optional parameter. If True additional plots will be opened.

Return type



A list of matplotlib figures resulting from this calculation.