pwspy.utility.reflection.extraReflectance.generateRExtraCubes(allCombos, theoryR, numericalAperture)[source]

Generate a series of extra reflectance cubes based on the input data.

  • allCombos (Dict[Tuple[Material, Material], List[CubeCombo]]) – a dict of lists CubeCombos, each keyed by a 2-tuple of Materials.

  • theoryR (dict) – the theoretical reflectance for each material.

  • numericalAperture (float) – The numerical aperture that the ImCubes were imaged at. The theoryR reflectances should have also been calculated at this NA

Return type

Tuple[ExtraReflectanceCube, Dict[Union[str, Tuple[Material, Material]], Tuple[ndarray, ndarray]]]


Returns extra reflectance for each material combo as well as the mean of all extra reflectances. This is what gets used. Ideally all the cubes will be very similar. Additionally returns a list of plot objects. references to these must be kept alive for the plots to be responsive.